Santa Clause: The Ultimate Salesman and Work-Horse

by Grant Cardone on December 1, 2007 | Articles

The world could learn a great deal from Santa about what it takes to be successful especially regarding how to work and sell your products and services. If you want to know what it will take to get the job done in 2010 then just do what Santa does every day, every week and year after year.

Guy works all year long, through the night, delivers sleet or snow, through wars, recessions, depressions, waste no time on politics, serves all races, never makes an excuse, works his CRM to death, transitions to new technology like the internet when necessary, management driven not market driven and delivers year after year. He continues to sell his ideas and concepts despite religious conflicts, skepticism, the media and no matter the condition of the economy. The guy is unstoppable, irresistible and on a mission. People describe him as joyful, cheerful and optimistic but addition to that he is the ultimate example of hard work and salesmanship. These are the ingredients it will take to be successful in the upcoming year.

Some people will say that Santa is not real, others will say he an order taker but regardless Santa Clause has survived it all. He’s been around, longer than all the aircraft companies and car companies combined and approaches his job more like a mission than a job. You must admit the guy brings it year after year, is a fierce competitor, seems truly happy and no matter what is going on will not give up on his mission to deliver the goods! Maybe he is happy because he has a purpose and because he does work hard!

A client called my today, on Christmas Eve and said, “Grant I don’t know many people with your work ethic.” I told him, “you know I never think about it being work, for me it’s a mission, my purpose. I don’t see it that I am working or that I am selling a client or handling a problem when I am doing those things but that my work is a way for me to express myself, a way to create something, a way to leave an imprint and impress people, and take care of my family!

Whether you believe in Santa or not, approach your work with the same commitments he does and you will get what you want in life! Go to work like your life depends on it. Take on every client this coming year likes its a mission. In the upcoming year if you want a job, or start your own business or grow your business understand the marketplace will only reward those that work and sell like Santa.

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