How to Break the Addiction to Post-it Notes

by Barbara Boone on October 17, 2009 | Articles

I have walked into many offices and seen post-it notes all over the place. Granted, they are a wonderful way to capture short pieces of information, but they add to visual clutter. I will admit that I have had a few (that number depends on your perception of a few) post-it notes stuck to my computer monitor, desk shelf, printer, etc. I have vowed to de-clutter my office of all post-it notes hanging around. Here is how I have done that.

I bought a small notebook that was divided into sections. Actually each section divider was a pocket folder as well. It is made by Stuart Hall, 9 ½ in. X 6 in and spiral bound. There is a number on it, 5010, but I am not sure that is relevant. Any similar notebook will do.

I have divided the sections into the following categories: Blogging & article ideas, Technology notes, To-dos, and Productivity (the name of the certification I now have). As I am working, instead of reaching for a post-it note to write down a piece of information that I want to remember, I open the notebook (which sits on my desk in front of the computer), and put the information into the appropriate place. I usually keep the to-do section open all the time so that I can refer to it on a daily basis.

You can use this same method inserting your own appropriate topics. It was not easy giving up the post-it addiction, but well worth the effort. The less visual clutter, the less distracted you will feel. Practice this for 30 days and it will become a habit.

Barbara Boone is the owner of Productivity Solutions which helps small businesses create and sustain a productive work environment by setting up systems for their workspace, work flow design, paper and digital information, and project management.

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