Coming Home

by Amy Dougherty on April 13, 2009 | Articles

Have you ever tried to write a statement or a list of your spiritual beliefs?  I am sure if you are like most people, you have spiritual thoughts about things, but they mostly seem fleeting and it is so much easier if you point to a written statement of what your religion of choice has stated in their by-laws.  Well, you are right.  It IS much simpler to do that.  It could be satisfying to do so, up to a point.  But let the simplicity go for a moment.  Allow yourself an hour or even 30 minutes to consider exactly what it is you believe and why.  You don’t have to solve it all in one sitting!  It could not be done that way if you tried, anyway.  One thing is sure… if you don’t allow time for it, it won’t happen.  By taking a few moments to think, awareness might extend its sneaky fingers into your head.

I recently took the time to write out my own spiritual beliefs.  As I did, I realized something very important.   Until the time I was approximately 39 years old, I was in the habit of doing exactly as described above.  But in the back of my mind, I had some ideas that just didn’t quite mesh with what was being held up to me to believe.  When I read what was given to me, I had some ideas, questions and thoughts about what I read that seemingly went across grain of the directives.  When I heard sermons, I had thoughts I never shared with anyone because I knew they would not be welcomed.  It was easier not to “rock” the spiritual boat and just nod and pretend I agreed with what was being fed to me.  It was a lot safer than the alternative. But the thoughts simply didn’t fade away.  In fact, they festered.  It became increasingly more important for me to look at them.  They presented themselves louder and louder.  They refused to hush!! I always had the sneaking suspicion that something was missing in what I had believed.  I had a constant yearning inside to know what it was.  The biggest question was always “Is this it??  Shouldn’t there be more!?”  It was akin to an ache, rather than just a question.  Therefore I was always “looking”.

Well, I am no longer looking.  Once I took the time to examine what my questions and thoughts were regarding spirit, I began to have one “aha” moment after another.  They came and settled in in great bunches.  As I examined, considered and accepted, a miracle occurred.  I was no longer aching!  It felt like I had come home, if that makes any sense.  I was finally coming to terms with what I REALLY believed about things.   As I said, just recently I formed a list of my core beliefs.  It isn’t earth shattering.  It isn’t long.  It’s quite simplistic and that was a pleasant surprise to me. They are something I can and do live with, in peace each and every moment.

I encourage you to allow yourself the time to consider a niggling question you may have been harboring for years.  I also encourage you to examine each of the beliefs that you espouse on a regular basis.  Ask yourself if it is your true belief or if you are simply nodding without thought.  If you agree to do this, be prepared!  You will experience surprise, perhaps even shock!  You will endure storms!  But eventually you will also discover beauty, experiencing peace with your thoughts!  You too, will be “home”.

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